How Can Medical Marijuana Card Sacramento Help Destigmatise Mental Illness?

Misdiagnosed, undiagnosed. Mental health conditions in millions of Americans often go unnoticed. In addition to that, society passes a lot of judgments which further silences their voices. Subsequently, making such patients suffer alone. Such patients are finding solace by turning to cannabis with the help of medical marijuana card sacramento. 

But, isn’t a stigma attached to medical marijuana as well? So, how will two things that have a stigma attached to themselves work in favor of each other? It’s simple. The stigma around medical marijuana is slowly and gradually decreasing. People are relating it with conventional medications instead of thinking of it as drugs like heroin or opium. 

Two Perspectives

There are two different perspectives concerning cannabis and mental health. For one group with mental health disorders, cannabis and CBD acts as a guiding light to cope with a lot of symptoms significantly. 

For instance, Olivia Alexander, the founder member of Kush Queens addressed using cannabis for mental health issues. She said, “it’s hard to admit that you are using cannabis for relieving your mental health conditions.” 

Or that you can’t live without cannabis for pursuing daily life activities. For her, CBD and cannabis were actually like magic potions that helped to ease her bipolar disorder symptoms. She pressed on the fact that she is successful because of cannabis. That’s how medical marijuana card Sacramento can be a life-changing experience for many people. 

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On the contrary, Dr. Elinore F. McCance-Katz believes that medical marijuana might carry potential mental health risks as well. She pushed the fact that America is dealing with a substance use disorder and medical cannabis can trigger these practices a lot more. She thinks people might suffer a loss in IQ if they continued using medical marijuana, be it for recreational or medicinal. 

An Interesting Finding

Twins’ study finds no evidence that marijuana lowers IQ in teens. – A research review published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences established the fact that of course there is a loss in IQ in the two individuals. But, the cause was definitely not medical marijuana.

As only one of the respondents was taking medical marijuana. So, saying that medical marijuana is a gateway drug is highly impractical. 

Medical Marijuana Card Sacramento- A Step Towards A Healthy Mind

It might still be a taboo to talk about mental health conditions for many. But, remember, “conversation is key” for anything starting from amending relationships to a wellness journey. If you don’t talk about it, you will never be able to find answers. 

Although, the perception towards mental health conditions and medical marijuana is changing. But, the journey has only begun. It will take probably years to justify that medical marijuana can actually help alleviate a plethora of symptoms associated with different mental health conditions. 

And legalizing medical marijuana across different states is actually helping patients to open up about their condition. Precisely because one can go for online consultations without anyone knowing about their condition. 

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It’s high time, federal agencies also revoke its classification among the potentially harmful drugs. That’s how research organizations can actually start funding in projects related to medical marijuana. 

And we can find actual metabolic pathways of medical marijuana’s diverse therapeutic properties. Ending all the speculations that are taking rounds across the world. That’s how medical marijuana card Sacramento can transform the lives of millions of patients. 

Isn’t that why we are switching to medical marijuana in the first place? 

Thinking you are Alone?

Definitely not. NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) shares some shocking mental health statistics. 

  • About 1 in every 5 adults in the U.S. experience one or the other form of mental illness. 
  • Mental illness is a costly affair. Approximately $193 billion earnings are lost every year. 
  • Approximately 16 million adults had around on depression attack in the past year.
  • Suicide is one of the top causes of death in America. 

Want Berry Flavored Strains? Get a Cannabis Card in Sacramento First!

Berries anyone? Well, that’s an obvious YES!! Berries are delicious and you can’t really say NO! So, are you looking for some berry flavored strains? Well, I hope you have a Sacramento Cannabis Card

Having a card gives you the legal right to purchase cannabis from a dispensary. The reason why people love berries is because it offers a delicious high. Well, that’s understandable. I have the same reasons too. 

So, Where Do They Get that Taste From?

It’s the magic of terpenes. These are aromatic compounds which sketch the flavor and aroma of a particular strain. These are also present in fruits such as berries, lemons, oranges, and grapefruit. So, the reason why lemon tastes a particular way is because it has a terpene called limonene. 

There are some strains which have a berry terpene profile. I have listed them below.


Also known as Sunset Sherbet, this potent strain is loaded with the flavor of berry, and earthy tones. With THC content ranging from 16-20%, it offers a delicious high. You’ll feel the mental balance as you dive into your couch. It has terpenes such as limonene and caryophyllene which are responsible for its effects. 

This strain is great for managing depression, anxiety, and stress.

Snoop’s Dream

This hybrid strain is a cross between Master Kush and Blue Dream. It offers an amalgamation of sweet berry and woody flavors. With THC content ranging from 18-25%, it offers a relaxing high. The effects are dominantly on the Indica side. So, you’ll be able to sleep better.

Snoop’s Dream finds heavy use in treating depression, PTSD, insomnia, and anxiety.

Blackberry Kush

This strain is berrylicious. A cross between Blackberry and Afghani, this strain produces a full-body high that will relax you to the core. You’ll feel a sense of happiness and mental balance.

Blackberry Kush is a favorite among seasoned marijuana users. It features a dominant amount of caryophyllene followed by presence of limonene. With THC content of 13-18%, it is sure to keep your senses floating with happiness. 

It offers relief in managing insomnia, depression, and anxiety. To use it effectively, you should get yourself evaluated to get a cannabis card in Sacramento. The doctor can recommend the right dosage for your health.

Blueberry Cheesecake

A cross between Blueberry and Cheese, this delicious strain is loaded with a sweet blueberry flavor. It’s sativa dominance ensures you’ll feel the energetic hit while traces of Indica relax you. Keep some snacks by your side. The munchies will give you some serious cravings. 

THC content averages around 17%. So, you’ll definitely feel the hit after you ingest it. Also, it features the terpenes such as limonene, myrcene, and caryophyllene. 

It is helpful in managing insomnia, loss of appetite, pain, and stress. 

The berry-flavored strains will be a great addition to your cannabis experience. They offer a delicious high along with the medicinal benefits. Just get a cannabis card in Sacramento and you can access the strains from the dispensary legally. Isn’t that easy?

The Surprisingly Easy Way to Get a Medical Cannabis Card Online

The law does not specify how the patient must approach a cannabis doctor to get a medical marijuana recommendation for an MMJ Card. Medical technology has undergone a paradigm shift in the recent past. When a patient has an uncomfortable or an unbearable health condition, it would seldom be convenient for him or her to visit the doctor in person and spend a lot of time getting the consultation. Amongst the options available to him, the most convenient is a doctor-patient interface.  The doctor-patient interface method is one of the latest scientific medical techniques for seeing your doctor, and it is a far superior method of consulting a physician when the patient does not require a checkup in person.

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