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The Online MMJ Sacramento works for the improving the health of people fighting with debilitating health conditions by exposing the misinformation and uncover the truth of cannabis use.

Our mission is to raise people’s awareness about the health benefits of cannabis by providing easy access to medical marijuana cards. We offer reliable medical information and provide personal support and attention to all our patients.

We are always ready and willing to help—all you need to do is contact us.
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Get your MMJ recommendation over the mail. You can purchase medical marijuana in your state from any legalized dispensaries or online using your MMJ card.



100% confidential and secure. Your information and medical status will be kept protected by HIPAA and will not be shared with anyone.



Get a quick response from us. Complete a 30-second form, and our doctor will contact you via video call within minutes. Receive your MMJ recommendation in the PDF format in your mail.

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Manage Your Muscle Soreness with a Medical Marijuana Card

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Cannabis Can Motivate You To Exercise !

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Sacramento 420 Evaluations: Gift Your Mom Some Therapy This Mother’s Day!

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